New Parents


Designer Genes extends a warm welcome to your brand new baby.

Finding out that your child has a diagnosis of Down syndrome is not generally the news that you were expecting to hear.  It can be a time of many emotions – happiness over the arrival of a new baby, worry about the future, possible fear of other health complications, and curiosity about how other families found their way.  Know there is no right or wrong way to feel because everyone has their own path to learning to live with news of a Down syndrome diagnosis.  What’s the most important is your chance to celebrate your new baby and find support when you feel like you need it.  You will find that with each passing day, you will grow in your confidence to be your child’s parents and will be surprised at how much more alike your days will be then different.

Down syndrome associations, like Designer Genes, exist because parents found that support from each other can be helpful during this time of many unknowns.  Designer Genes has dedicated staff to respond to any request for support and assistance.  We are here to answer questions you might have about health, services, and supports, and connecting with other families.  No question or concern is too small and if we don’t know the answer, we’ll know someone who does.

Congratulations on your new baby!


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