Down Syndrome Is….

girl_with_down_syndromeIS a part of the lives of over 400,000 people living in the United States.

IT affects people of all ages, races, and economic levels.

People with Down Syndrome DO attend school, find work, participate in decisions that affect them and contribute to society.

Down Syndrome IS a trait. It isn’t a condition or affliction. It is something an individual has like brown hair, a sparkling smile or a great personality!

DOES Down Syndrome cause cognitive delays? Yes, but the effect is usually mild to moderate and its not an indication of the many strengths and talents of each individual.

ISN’T a disease. It is the most commonly occurring chromosomal abnormality, affecting one in every 800 births.

People with Down Syndrome DO lead fulfilling lives. Many hold regular jobs, are involved in community activities, participate in sport and engage in social activities.

People with Down Syndrome ARE contributing to their communities.

People with Down Syndrome DO lead normal healthy lives.

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